Shakespeare : own and foreign



University of Arts Tîrgu-Mureș (Romania)

25 -26 November 2014

Shakespeare’s age is the scene of great encounters: the mutually generative concepts of own and foreign become uncertain and questionable, often even interchangeable. During the dissolution and transformation of traditional communities and the creation of individual identity Shakespeare created a rich oeuvre that contains all the problematic issues of our era from violence, body and perception to the experience of transcendence. How can we define own and foreign with Shakespeare’s mediation, what can we consider familiar and alien in this strange and heterogeneous world? What does home  and familiar mean, who are the travellers, flaneurs and adventurers? How does a translation become own or foreign? How does the dynamics of own and foreign work in  Shakespeare-recycling and adaptations? And last but not least, what are the difficulties or benefits that actors and directors encounter during the staging of a Shakespeare drama? How can a Shakespeare text be inhabited or colonized? These are the questions raised by our conference.

Our conference aims to bring together researchers, theatre professionals and PhD students. Abstracts (about 400 words) in English or French, accompanied by a short biography of the author, should be sent by email (Word document) to Ungvári Z. Ildikó ( and Raluca Blaga (, prior to  September 19, 2014.

Proposals will be reviewed by a scientific committee which will make the selection before October 16, 2014. Papers should be sent prior to November 16, 2014. Paper publication is considered. The working languages ​​of the conference are: English and French. We propose to open Romaian and Hungarian sections as well for papers that focus on language-bound topics. Contact persons: Sorin Crisan (, Raluca Blaga (, Ungvári Zrínyi Ildikó (, Balási András (